Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Legion II Cover Faves

I loved Dawnstar, and seeing her get
a spotlight story was wonderful;
the art was perfect!
(Jurgens & Kesel)

Wildfire and--kinda-sorta--
the return of Lyle Norg.
Fave characters and great art!

Just a splendid piece by Kevin
Nowlan--his only published Legion work,
I believe.

Again, just ecstatic that Lournu and
Element Lad were getting cover exposure,
and I was young enough when it came out
that I was worried for Jan's fate!

One of the grooviest things ever: # 300's
artist jam cover!

Fantastic Perez cover of the team in
the past, surrounded!

Great Steve Lightle cover
showcasing Jan and Shvaughn.

Lightle does his magic again with a full team
cover, complete with humor!

Awesome Giffen cover of the team
on Orando.

Lightle brilliantly depicts the massive
LSH/LSV War while Projecta's rage

Kind of a downer to have the plot
point ruined on the cover, but still a
cool and dynamic layout!
I loved the "Jo Nah: Space Pirate" story!

A fave storyline showcasing 4 of my faves!
Plus family secrets and day-in-the-life stuff.

Wildfire, Tyroc, Shady...
all in an impressive Giordano cover.
(Shady's on the inside!)

Some fine Terry Shoemaker/Karl Kesel art,
cover and innards!

Superboy leaves;
who wouldn't be in tears?
Me! I was stoked for their
own title finally!

Perez does the Reflecto revelation right!

Fatal Five!
Trapped Legion!
Mystery member!
Good times!


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