Friday, June 22, 2012

Ty Templeton Sweetness!

Ty Templeton is definitely the man, and here he
is rocking the newsprint with an
incredible pin-up for the Legion of
Super-Villains for one of the follow-up "Who's Who?"
DC encyclopedia series.

Each character meticulously crafted and with an
entire history on their face!

Way to go, bro!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Legion Couples, by Gene Gonzales

Jo & Tinya

Jan & Shvaughn

Clark & Lana

Drake & Dawny


Aren't these drawings just awesome!

I was lucky enough to run across this
artist's work just this week, and
was so happy I did!

His name is Gene Gonzales, and he
has a phenomenal collection of
sketches he's done!
(And obviously, a deep love for
the teens from the future!)

Check out his site at


Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Future is Here!

Mon-El looking real swell!
Loving that spiked hair!

Sun Boy--I never gave thought to
red-heads til now!

Rokk looking tres' fabulous!

Ferro Lad's sleek and sexy frame!

Jo Nah powering up!

Jan, you have transformed me!


(If anyone has more real-life Legionnaires to
share, please write me!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Legion II Cover Faves

I loved Dawnstar, and seeing her get
a spotlight story was wonderful;
the art was perfect!
(Jurgens & Kesel)

Wildfire and--kinda-sorta--
the return of Lyle Norg.
Fave characters and great art!

Just a splendid piece by Kevin
Nowlan--his only published Legion work,
I believe.

Again, just ecstatic that Lournu and
Element Lad were getting cover exposure,
and I was young enough when it came out
that I was worried for Jan's fate!

One of the grooviest things ever: # 300's
artist jam cover!

Fantastic Perez cover of the team in
the past, surrounded!

Great Steve Lightle cover
showcasing Jan and Shvaughn.

Lightle does his magic again with a full team
cover, complete with humor!

Awesome Giffen cover of the team
on Orando.

Lightle brilliantly depicts the massive
LSH/LSV War while Projecta's rage

Kind of a downer to have the plot
point ruined on the cover, but still a
cool and dynamic layout!
I loved the "Jo Nah: Space Pirate" story!

A fave storyline showcasing 4 of my faves!
Plus family secrets and day-in-the-life stuff.

Wildfire, Tyroc, Shady...
all in an impressive Giordano cover.
(Shady's on the inside!)

Some fine Terry Shoemaker/Karl Kesel art,
cover and innards!

Superboy leaves;
who wouldn't be in tears?
Me! I was stoked for their
own title finally!

Perez does the Reflecto revelation right!

Fatal Five!
Trapped Legion!
Mystery member!
Good times!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Archives

These are beautiful, superbly crafted reprints,
and a great way to get all the old stories
so you can read them chronologically,
in one setting!

(Personally, I have a thing for newsprint and
the original format, 'warts' and all...but that's me!
Besides, cost for those can be quite
prohibitive, and it's hard to track down every
last one. But again--the adventure there is
part of the charm!)

If you look, you can generally find
a good deal on eBay or amazon, and is a great,
reliable source for purchases, too.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Although not a complete fan of the series, it
had an engaging enough premise (a
continuation of "Invasion!"'s setting up
of Legion history) and enough attractions
that it was interesting.

Attractions like great art, the return of
Captain Comet, bitchy old Lady Quark,
Mon-El, and actual Legion ancestors.

Not a single one of these boobs was
a heroic sort, it often seemed, and a
book chock full of anti-heroes makes for
good dramatic tension, but a few too many
jackasses here for my tastes.
Hate Lobo, hated QD, etc.

But all in all, a mostly fun read for
a good portion of the run.
(Loved how the Bierbaums resolved
the Phase storyline!)


Monday, June 4, 2012

The Kids Are All Right...sorta

"Pete Ross, Jimmy Olson, Lana Lang,
Rond Vidar, and Kid Psycho,
though you have risked life and limb, and eventually all
will suffer horrible fates,
we regrettably only kinda-sorta honor you.
But go check the Subs out!"

It's all right, gang.
I 'll always love you!