Friday, September 7, 2012

"Five Year Gap" post cards by Giffen/Gordon/McCraw

I was a devoted fan of the Five-Year-Gap
Legion, even if it did take a little time
to catch on.
The work that Tom, Mary, Keith, Al, and Tom
put into the book was phenomenal.

It was a hard sell; getting new fans to
attempt such a complex storyline with
such a huge cast, and getting longtime
comic book fans to withstand the dynamic
changes taking place, when we are wont to
have things stay the same!

With everything that was going on, there
were of course some things that didn't fly
with me; one was what was done to Dawnstar;
"Bounty...the quicker picker-upper." ugh.

Another was the lack of info within the pages
of the book from time to time.
This post card series had characters, bios,
costumes, and plot revelations that wouldn't be
seen for years, in some cases, and in other
cases, never, within the series!

And then there's the nefarious phallic Vi card below.
Oh, Keith! You rapscallion, you! (gag!)

Those matters aside, it was a fresh, brilliant,
and (despite protestations to the contrary)
a very spot-on continuation of 35 years of history.

Even after the SW6 batch was introduced
(presumably to answer the hate mail from fans
of the original team, and the loss of their innocence,)
I was loyal to the cause, choosing to believe the
young'ins to be the clones.

Only after Zero Hour did I stop reading Legion
for the first time in 20 years!
The '5YG" series stays strong in my mind
as the last stories of my beloved original
Legion of Super Heroes.

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