Saturday, October 27, 2012

Acts of Valor: Monny Shot

"Talking 'bout that Monny, Monny, Monny..."
I always thought that Mon-El was one of
those characters that just had an essentially 
sexualized quality.... 

not just because he was big and beefy and sturdy,
nor powerful and strong.

I liked his boy-next-door, good-natured quality
that came from his suffering and uniqueness,
giving him more depth than just old boy scout

There's just something adorable and passionate and
alluring about him, and of course there's the
wounded soul thing which appeals to us care-takers!

He's hot but he doesn't really know he's hot.
He's an average, nice Joe College...with
a little something-something extra.

And, then too, pictures like this don't
hurt his station as sexy beast!


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