Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Steve Lightle Goodness

Perhaps the only consistency and linking aspect
to all the myriad incarnations of The Legion in
the last 30 years (besides code names and fans)
in the incredible, detailed artwork of Steve Lightle.

Providing covers and interiors on the Baxter Legion
series early on, Steve became a much-deserved fan

For a good while, Steve and The Legion
became synonymous. His art graced the book
during many tumultuous changes in the 1980s,
including the death of the Legion's Superboy.

He co-created and designed the newer
Legionnaires, including the influx of non-humanoid
characters like Quislet and Tellus.

His realistic yet stylized attention to
quality and minutia made every book
he touched look better.

His "History of the Legion" pencils inside
"Who's Who in the Legion of Super Heroes"
gave fans a chance to see Steve's tremendous
work on the prior eras of Legion lore.

Mr. Lightle is always a welcome addition to any
version of The Legion that DC publishes!
Thanks for all the great memories and
superb issues, Steve!

(Hey! Pretty cute, to boot! Ya
can't beat that!)


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